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The Fitting:
Different sizes (dress sizes) between individuals are only part of the problem during the fitting process. Our bodies are sometimes not as symmetrical as we may think. This means prominent body features such as shoulders hips etc. may be slightly different, side-to-side. So slight in most cases it is seldom detected or of concern; this is true with most rack-fit clothing. For custom clothing however where the fit is very contoured to our bodies these little body differences can start to show. Many seamstresses who work from patterns do not always know how to make these needed adjustments.



We are proud of what we can offer. We can either help you design that one-of-a-kind gown or alter an existing item. In addition, you may find something from our in-store inventory or select a style and order it from many of the vast resources we have accumulated over the years.
"The service is friendly, personal, and truly a one-on-one experience"




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