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What Customers are saying:

Carol is an amazing seamstress.  I have been using her for years-- it started with some alterations for a bridesmaid dress.  She pays careful attention and measures both sides of your body (often you're not exactly symmetrical!) and focuses on making clothing accentuate the positive and distract from the negative.  

I had to come up with a fancy dress for a charity function, and couldn't find one I liked.  Carol created it, without a pattern, from a sketch I drew (and I'm far from an artist!)  She also knew how to adjust the design I thought I wanted so it would be more flattering to my figure.  Her cost for this couture outfit was far less than what I saw in Nordie's, Talbot's, and other similar shops.

She made my wedding dress too-- from my description of a dress I liked in a bridal boutique that would have cost several thousand dollars.  Hers was under a thousand including a purse and garter!  My only "fidget" was that one seam ended up slightly crooked, but because it was sewn in silk, restitching it would have left visible needleholes, so we left it as it was.  No one could tell, and I forgot about it five minutes later.  

With that one exception, her work is characteristically excellent, she is punctual and reasonably priced, and she always offers you a soda when you come for fittings.  She's a funky, friendly Filipina gal, kind of a grandmotherly sort, and you always feel good when she fusses over you.  You can't believe how much better things look with just a little adjustment-- cheap jeans become extraordinary, off-the-rack suits become chic... it's so worth it!

Georgette O.

Austin, TX

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